About Cameron Bock

Cameron Bock is a writer, reader, cat-lover, and enthusiast of all things tabletop and video gaming. Graduating with an English Creative Writing degree and essentially no guidance on how to use it, Cameron has moved throughout the working world of English language to spread his love for the written word however he can. He is currently living in Pullman, Washington.


Cameron has worked temporary jobs writing How-To articles about various technologies, full-time jobs in the education system teaching reading and writing, and has even taught English in South Korea to K-6th grade students, their parents, and other teachers. Most recently in writing, he dedicated over five years at Dealer.com as a Senior Copywriter, utilizing his expertise by providing unique blog posts and landing page copy—as well as SEO keyword research—for thousands of automotive dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Whether it’s fluff-filled fun or clear-cut council, Cameron believes that a consistent message and engaging voice are crucial to an enjoyable read. Some playful alliteration and punning here and there doesn’t hurt, either.

When not writing, Cameron can typically be found at any gaming store looking at Dungeons & Dragons books, at home wrangling his three rambunctious cats, or planning a new adventure in a country he can’t afford to visit.

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